“Há Fado no Cais” on the CCB stage with Paulo Bragança

The Belém Cultural Center received the first concert of the Há Fado no Cais cycle, produced by CCB / EGEAC-Museu do Fado, and Paulo Bragança was responsible for opening the cycle.

The singer recalled that it was exactly 22 years ago that he first stepped on that stage, 25 October 1997.

The show in the great hall of the Centro Cultural de Belém had a text declaimed by the fado singer, followed by the first fado “Entrega“, with lyrics by Pedro Homem de Melo and music by Carlos Gonçalves, a show that had well-composed room, although it was not full.

Paulo Bragança was accompanied by Tiago Silva on fado guitar, Luís Coelho on Portuguese guitar, Alexandre Tavares on electric guitar, André M. Santos on classical guitar and Jorge Carreiro on double bass.

During the show, the singer honoured the Romanian music, a country where he lived several months, and which music he fell in love, mentioned the artist and had the company of the female group, “Adufe e Alguidar“, who stripped of any distraction other than his voice and the “adufes“, dazzled the audience present.

But he also performed songs by Portuguese groups, which were notable in other genres, such as “Soldado” of the Sitiados and ‘Remar Remar’ of the Xutos & Pontapés, which deserved strong applause.

The “punk fadista” as he was nicknamed released his first album in 1992, “Notas Sobre A Alma” and after the shock, quickly followed by many fans and amazing Portugal, in 1994 records “Amai“, and travels the world with the support of Talking Heads member David Byrne.
Also recorded “Mistério do Fado” and “Lua Semi-Nua” in 1996 and 2001 respectively. Captive” name of the last CD presented in 2018 in Portugal.

Paulo Bragança had already surprised the audience at the end of the Lisbon city festivities when he masterfully interpreted the themes of the great António Variações in the show António & Variações.

But it also surprised their collaboration with the Moonspell in the teme “In Tremor Dei” in the “1755” of the Portuguese gothic metal band, dedicated to the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, a partnership that may be strange to some, but worked.

The magnificent night ended with “Lisboa à Noite” by Rosa Lobato de Faria, which were the culmination of a great Fado night in the CCB’s large auditorium, with Paulo Bragança.

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