Thermometer Festival decentralizes and starts this year in Ponta Delgada

The 24th edition of the Thermometer Festival arrives, for the first time, to the Portuguese archipelagos, starting on November 10 in Ponta Delgada, in the Azores, with Bluish, The FAQs and Burgueses.

Since 1994, the festival has been showcasing the new talents of Portuguese music, with past names such as Ornatos Violeta, B Fachada, Noiserv, Capicua or DJ Ride, in a competition that this year travels from north to south. , for the first time, to the Portuguese islands.

Fernando Alvim, the organizer of the festival, admits that “there is a lot” that came “to pursue this goal” to make “the Thermometer leave the continent and also visit the islands,” because he believes that “there is also a lot of creativity and a lot of creativity. productivity in both Madeira and the Azores. ”

That is why, of the novelties of this edition, such as the participation of international bands, the radio host and presenter “would highlight, more than that, this first arrival in the Azores and Madeira.”

Regarding the bands that will perform at the festival, Fernando Alvim says that the organization investigates “immense, for several months, before making this festival and in each site” there is “the hope of discovering new values”.

The first session of this edition of the festival takes place on November 10, at the Coliseu Micaelense in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel island, being “the first time that the Thermometer performs a session in a coliseum”.

“There are three in Portugal, Porto, Lisbon and Micaelense, and it’s the first time we’re in a coliseum,” he explains, admitting that “this not only delights, but also gives a huge responsibility.”

According to Fernando Alvim, starting this year, it is a goal to return “as often as possible to the Azores and Madeira”.

On November 10, they will take to the stage of the Coliseu Micaelense Bluish, The FAQs and Burgueses, but until December 21, many other names will take place in nine cities, from north to south of the country, passing through Madeira as well.

In the case of Ponta Delgada, the session that opens the festival will also have a party after the bands perform.

This year, bands from all over Europe have reopened, and two Portuguese bands are joining the 22 Portuguese artists, one from Belgium, one from Germany and one from Britain.

Of the 27 bands that are part of the program, five will be selected for a final performance on January 12 at the Sao Jorge cinema in Lisbon, and the artist who will be distinguished there will be awarded a video clip and 20 hours of studio for recording and will also have the opportunity to perform at the NOS Alive, Bons Sons and Iberian Festival Awards.

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