These are the main projects of the National Investment Program 2030

The Government today sent the National Investment Program 2030 (PNI) to parliament, which has 72 projects for an investment of 21,950 million euros.

These are the main projects:


  • Quadruplication of the Northern Line: 1,500 million euros
  • Railway Safety, Renewal and Rehabilitation and Noise Reduction Program: 375 million euros
  • ERTMS / ETCS + GSM-R Implementation Program: 270 million euros
  • RFN Electrification Program (West and Douro Lines): 205 million euros
  • The connection of the Cascais Line to the Waist Line: 200 million euros
  • Lifecycle management program and development of railway telematics solutions, improvement of stations and passenger interfaces and railway-operation safety measures: 165 million euros
  • Program to increase capacity in the metropolitan areas (Linha do Minho, Waistline): 155 million euros
  • South International Corridor: New connection Sines / Grândola – Single Track: 120 million euros
  • Modernization Project for the Lisbon-Algarve Connection: 100 million euros
  • Program for the improvement of multimodal terminals including their rail accessibility: 105 million euros
  • Modernization Project for the Alentejo Line: 90 million euros
  • Requalification Project for the Espinho-Oliveira de Azeméis section of the Vouga Line: 75 million euros
  • Northern Corridor: New connection Aveiro / Mangualde: 650 million euros


  • Program for Road Safety, Renovation and Rehabilitation and Noise Reduction (IC8 – Casas Brancas (A17) / Pombal (A1 node): 500 million euros
  • 260 million Euros ‘Missing’Links’ Construction Program. It includes the variant to EN14 – Maia / Famalicão (PETI3 +): Via Diagonal -Santana, including Ponte S / Ave; Via do Tâmega – Corgo Corgo / A7; IC9 – A23 / Ponte de Sôr and IC13 -P.Sôr- / Alter Chão / Portalegre; IC35 – Penafiel / Entre-os-Rios; IC 11 – Peniche-Carregado (1st stage)
  • Arco Ribeirinho Sul Program, Link to A2: 200 million euros
  • Program of enlargements/increase of capacity: EUR 195 million for Urban variants in EN125, reformulation of the nodes of VCI and noIC2 / EN1 the increase of capacity in Alenquer, Condeixa and Leiria
  • IP8. Sines –Belo: 130 million euros
  • Program to Support Innovation and Efficiency in the Road Network: 100 million euros
  • Business Areas Valuation Program (PVAE) – Phase II: 110 million euros
  • Territorial Cohesion Program: 80 million euros (connection to the IP3 of the municipalities located in the south corridor, IC31 – Castelo Branco / Monfortinho)

Highway / Railroad:

  • Program for Road and Cross-border Railway Connectivity: 200 million euros.
  • Program for road and rail access to national airports: 130 million euros.
  • Program for the adaptation of transport infrastructure to climate change: 75 million euros.

Mobility and Public Transport:

  • Development of a System of Transport in Own Site Light Meters, Metrobus, etc.
    Lisbon: 670 million euros
    Porto: 240 million euros
    Other cities: 105 million euros
  • Metro do Porto: 620 million euros
  • Lisbon Metro: 445 million euros
  • Decarbonisation of Urban Logistics: 450 million euros
  • Promotion of Electric Mobility: 360 million euros
  • Promotion of the National Cyclical Interconnection Network: 300 million euros
  • Promotion of Urban Multimodality: 200 million euros

Airport Sector:

  • Expansion of the Lisbon Airport (2nd phase, the 1st will be carried out until 2022): 507 million euros
  • Other investments (ANA): 200 million euros
  • Port Maritime Sector:
    Port of Sines: 940 million euros
    Port of Lisbon: 665 million euros
    Port of Leixões: 379 million euros
    Port of Setúbal: 124 million euros
    Port of Aveiro: 113 million euros
  • Via Navegável do Douro: 102 million euros
  • Non-core investment program: 90 million euros


  • Urban Water Cycle: 1,500 million euros
  • Coastal protection: 720 million euros
  • Management of water resources: 570 million euros
  • Waste: 350 million euros
  • Environmental Liabilities: 130 million euros
  • Marine resources: 300 million euros


  • Renewable energy program: 650 million euros
  • Ocean Renewable Energy Program: 1,150 million euros
  • Program for the promotion of energy efficiency: 1,500 million euros
  • Irrigation: 750 million euros
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