They Must Be Crazy on March 20th at Culturgest

On March 20, 2020, Culturgest – Fundação CGD will become the “Shrine” of afrobeat Lisbon, in charge of They Must Be Crazy (TMBC).

[dropcap type=”background”]T[/dropcap]MBC is a band made up of 12 Portuguese who live on the outskirts of Lisbon. He was born in 2014 with the desire to make afrobeat, and in 2016 he brought to the world his first album, “Mother Nature“. 5 years after its beginning, the band has never questioned itself as much as now about what afrobeat is, after all.

Literally crazy about the issue, they realized however that more than any aesthetic that can characterize the music they want to make, it is in the intention of serving greater causes and of intervening politically and socially that the desire to make music together lies.

Music that raises and moves the body with all the conviction and release, which in itself represents an increasingly political act these days, especially for Western culture. Music for the body and for communion, that drives people crazy with joy and ecstasy to the point of getting them out of their heads a little and reconnecting with the spirit and then returning to life with new ways of seeing and more willpower for the change.

Part of the proceeds will go to the Youth Organization for Building African Community – YOBAC, an NGO born in Kyangwali, Uganda, which now has the support of delegations in Nigeria and DR Congo, with a view to raising funds through music, agriculture and sewing, to provide access to education for young war refugees and orphans.

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