Things to do in Comporta and Troia (pt.2)

Comporta House of Culture

Christina Bravo’s first visit to Comporta was in the 1980s. Seven years ago, she was challenged by the Herdade da Comporta Foundation to be part of her new project. After working at Christie’s auction, trade galleries and museum educational services, he was then responsible for the Comporta House of Culture. The building, which was once a barn, a movie theater and also a “dormitory for temporary staff working in the rice fields,” Christina explains, was rethought by Astolfi Studio to house a market of Portuguese brands in structures reminiscent of Carrasqueira’s Palafitic Wharf. The Summer Market, as it is called, gathers pieces from 15 brands, some new for those bands: Panareha men’s clothing, the Board Shop, the Basket Company and Sō Comporta, furniture. The space also has temporary exhibitions and can be rented for private events. As for this boom in Comporta, Christina hopes that investors will not only have economic concerns but also “preservation”.

Take the smell of Comporta home

If Comporta has recently gained a hippie-chic atmosphere, as if we were in Formentera, it is to blame for spaces like Lavender. Norwegian store Cathrine Austad opened in Estoril in 2003 and in 2010 expanded into this concept store in a former bakery in the epicenter of Comporta village. Scattered across the shelves and hangers are beach tunics, summer party dresses, colorful men’s shirts, or cottage goods you’ll still buy. This year also has available the Alma da Comporta perfume, created by the French Pierre Bouissou, who tried to put the fragrances of the area in a bottle already known as the Portuguese Chanel No. 5.

Play table football and eat a hamburger

While the football season does not start, it is best to warm up with some table football matches at Sal Burger. The hamburger van by the same owners of the famous Sal, in Praia do Pego, has a space with running wooden tables (and smaller ones for the kids), table football, a clothing store and hamburgers, of course. From black pork, to fans of the species, to vegetarians, accompanied by chips, natural juices or cocktails.

Seek out treasures in Lord Julius’s Flea Markets

It is true that trendy decoration stores continue to be born overnight by these bands, but nothing like hunting for lost vintage treasures like Indiana Jones of the Floodgate. In Julio Maria’s old wayside, by the road, on the way to Carvalhal, you can find wonders in lost arks. In fact, this is where many hotels and restaurants in the area are hunting for decoration pieces.

Have lunch at the restaurant everyone talks about

Cavalariça opened in 2017 in pop-up mode and conquered Comporta in such a way that it ended up staying. Bruno Caseiro’s restaurant (which was on projects in London by Chef Nuno Mendes) remains one of the most talked about in the area. This summer is open every day of the week for lunch and dinner. The ideal menu to share, prepared with local ingredients from nearby producers, from Grândola to Melides, includes a renowned roast chicken. The house chips are also an experience.

Update social networks

Golden hour at the end of the day may be mosquitoes’ favorite, but it’s also the best to update your social networks. In this field, there is nothing better for photography than the Palafitic Wharf of Carrasqueira, with its colorful wooden houses. The pier was built in the 1950s and is still used by fishermen to, among other things, keep their nets. The Retiro do Pescador restaurant, right next door, is a good haven for those who make toast to the genuine candlestick Comporta, with a few coriander sparkles shining in the letter.

Have a Spritz Thatch and stay for dinner

Operating for 5 years, the Colmo was one of the first Comporta sites to bet on healthy breakfasts and became a morning meeting point. Try the natural juices and go fearlessly into the house cocktails like Colmo Spritz, “the most refreshing cocktail in town”, they guarantee. Light meals, even in summer, are also available in a take-away version. New this year are the lunches and dinners.

Repeat Dona Bia’s rice

Taco a taco with A Escola, already on its way to Alcácer do Sal, is the most popular restaurant in the area. The Dona Bia, who gives her name to the space – who turned an old roadside cafe into a restaurant where it is difficult to get a table – is actually Paula Morgado. The specialty of the house is the dishes made with local rice, from the famous razor clam rice to cockle rice that accompanies the fried sole.

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