Third Tech Island has already established eight companies in Praia da Vitoria

The Terceira Tech Island project has already enabled eight companies connected to computer science in Praia da Vitória, in the Azores, which employ about 60 people trained in programming since October 2017.

There are already eight companies in Praia da Vitória, many of them Infosistema, from international groups that work for the world, but our goal is for this dynamic to grow a lot,” said the vice president of the Regional Government of the Azores, Sérgio Ávila.

The official spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the company Infosistema Azores, which created 10 jobs but aims to reach 30 to 50 in the coming years.

Infosistema Azores is already in the process of delivering products and solutions to the international market, only two or three months after the operation was started,” said the chairman of the Infosistema board, Gonçalo Caeiro.

The technology consultancy, which is part of the Joyn Group, develops technological solutions for companies from several countries, especially in the banking and insurance sector.

On Terceira Island, according to Gonçalo Caeiro, an investment will be made in the development of areas of low code, automatic learning and artificial intelligence.

By 2020, the Regional Government’s vice president estimates that the number of jobs created in information technology companies in Praia da Vitória will compensate those that were extinguished with the US military reduction at the Lajes base.

We have the capacity to create, by the end of next year, 400 jobs under the Third Tech Island. It is an objective that I consider more and more that is within our reach,” he said.

According to Sérgio Ávila, the project attracts “more and more companies“, who “want to grow” and hire more programmers.

The Terceira Tech Island is clearly revolutionizing Victoria Beach and Terceira Island and is creating a true technological hub on Terceira Island,” he said.

At the inauguration of the Infosistema Azores, installed in a building in the centre of the city, where already operates since September another company of the genre, the mayor of Praia da Vitória, Tiberius Dinis, considered that the future of the county goes through the growth of programming area.

We went from a company that existed here in this traditional building, which was imported and traded locally, to a set of companies that are forward-looking, knowledge-creating, exporting their products to the whole world and creating more employment of what was once created, “he said.

Since October 2017, the ‘startup’ Code Academy has already formed in the Terceira island 60 people in ‘javascript’ language, which were mostly absorbed by the companies installed in Praia da Vitória, and in early May, another 34 students complete an intensive training of 14 weeks.

In ITUp, also installed in Praia da Vitória, there are 11 students, who learn the code of outsistems code, in 12 weeks.

In May, a new programming course starts in ‘javascript’ with 40 openings, and in July, starts a programming course in ‘outsistems’, with 20 openings.

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