“This title tastes like gold”

João Vieira, 42 years old, won today national champion of 35 and 50 km march, affirming at the end of the championships disputed in Porto de Mós, that the title knew “to the gold“.

This title tastes like gold, but it’s not a title: it’s three titles won one morning,” said the Sporting athlete, recalling the 20km victory in veterans and assuming ” quite satisfied.

“It’s not a new thing for me: today I reached the 50th title of my seniors’ sports career, but the most important thing was to make the 50km qualifying mark for the world championship,” he said.

In Porto de Mós, João Vieira’s goals were achieved “with a lot of suffering“, because the main goal was only to conquer the 35 km because the season is still in the beginning.

I did not prepare very well for the 50km, because it’s very early, but I try to win everything: the goal was the 35km and then enjoy the 50km, that’s what happened and we’ll continue because there are more championships to win. represent Sporting at the highest level and I will give everything inside the track and on the road to gain evidence, “he said.

The women’s champion, Mara Ribeiro, has assumed she was surprised by the performance at the Porto de Mós championships.

I was surprised by this mark and I was able to set a new personal record and minimums for the 50km for the European Cup,” he said.

The athlete of Benfica highlights the absence of Inês Henriques, who allowed her to reach the title.

Inês today was not here, unfortunately, because I was injured and I was able to become a national champion.” If she was, she would win, of course, she has a very high tempo.

Mara Ribeiro stresses the proof that “things were very positive“.

I started the late season and I did not do many miles, it was not winding and it helped, it was my day!

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