This year Christmas starts this week

The Christmas Capital runs from November 29th to January 12th, on the Algés Promenade. This event, which is inspired by Lapland, the land of Santa Claus, which supported the initiative from the outset, is a truly immersive experience that transports visitors to that geography through various shows and attractions.

For Rui Madureira, one of the project’s founders, “the goal was not to create a Christmas park like the ones that already exist, but to share with the visitors the values ​​of Christmas, Joy, Generosity, Harmony and Courage. That is why we are creating various experiences through different attractions that convey the essence of this era. The spirit of Christmas will be here and we want to infect everyone. ”

Although there are many attractions that make the Christmas Capital so special, the whole park is an open-air show with a strong scenic component. The Palace of the Snow Guardians is the magical place that will provide one of the most intense experiences: playing with real snow and getting to know the arctic. To produce real snow, the organization turned to a team of Finnish experts. Inside the Palace, you will be able to see various ice sculptures carved by Russian professionals. In this space temperatures can reach -2ºC. Visitors should come prepared for the cold as if they were in Lapland.

But the interaction with the ice doesn’t stop there. Outside the Palace, it will be possible to skate, overlooking a 3,000 m2 lake, on the largest real ice rink ever in Portugal, with 1,000 m2. The elves, who will be all over the park sharing the secret of the Christmas Spirit with humans, are another of the immersive strands and one of the key points of the Christmas Capital, as they will interact in “elven” with visitors. across the room, making the experience even richer.

For the first time in Portugal, in the Magic Mirror of Dreams (giant lake), we will be able to watch a fabulous watershow, produced by the world’s leading experts. “The same entity that produces for Disney, Dubai or Vegas.”

Besides these news, there are several attractions that the Capital of Natal has to offer, such as the Brave Wind Mountain, the largest in the country, with twelve snowtubing tracks and different levels of difficulty, allowing the enjoyment and fun to enjoy. all the family. Visitors, especially the little ones, will also be able to do activities in the Elf Woods in a warm and electively fun environment.

And because part of the mission of the Capital of Christmas is to rekindle the flame of Christmas, a tree was created that, more than a symbol, summarizes the essence of space. At 20 meters, it allows interaction with the public by centralizing the park’s central concept, The Infinite Time, the idea that people keep their best experiences and memories in mind, no matter how long they last.

“We had the dream of creating the true Christmas. We are not just creating a theme park or a Christmas market, our goal is to tell a story and make every visitor live the story. So whoever collects the various magical crystals scattered throughout the park, which represent Joy, Generosity, Harmony and Courage, will be able to bring the giant tree to life, and it will interact with people. This is all part of the immersive experience associated with the Christmas Capital, ”explains Rui Madureira.

Because Christmas is for sharing with everyone, tickets have been made available for a hobby with schools across the country.

“In addition to providing experiences, the goal of the Capital of Christmas is to convey and rekindle the values ​​of Christmas, which have been a little forgotten. That is also our purpose. If in 1000 children, one is impacted by the values ​​of the Capital of Christmas, then our mission is accomplished. ”

The Capital of Natal will also provide an area for organizing corporate events, the Capitol da União, so that companies can activate different proposals for their stakeholders or for Team Building actions.

Passports (tickets) giving access to all the attractions of the park are now for sale on the official website of the Capital of Natal, featuring various modalities for adults, children and families. The park will be open from Monday to Thursday from 12h to 23h, Friday and Saturday from 10h to 24h and on Sundays from 10h to 23h. During the event, and in partnership with SIC Esperança, a social responsibility campaign will be underway to support a project with a strong social impact.

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