This year the tourism performance will be equal to or better than the 2018

The performance of tourism will be equal to or better than in 2018, highlighting, in the next six months, the increase in domestic demand, private investment and the number of people employed, according to the Tourism Barometer released today.

Of the responses obtained, 44.1% of the respondents expect national tourism in 2019 to have global results identical to those obtained in 2018. For 33.8% they will be better, while 20.6% believe that the performance will be worse than that of the year past, “reads the study of the Institute for Planning and Development of Tourism IPDT today released.

According to the Tourism Barometer, in the next six months, the number of people employed (48.5%), private investment (47.9%) and domestic demand (32.3%) are the indicators that should register performance.

Meanwhile, the average level of confidence in the tourism sector in January 2019 was 81 points, four points more than in October 2018.

Regarding the performance of national tourism in 2018, 73.5% of the respondents felt that it corresponded to expectations, 22.1% that exceeded and 4.4% that fell short.

The performance in relation to the investment in external promotion was considered by 67.6% of respondents as within expectations, while 20.6% said they were above expectations and 11.8% fell short.

For this barometer, a universe of 166 members was defined, and 68 responses were received between January 17 and 28, 2019.

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