Thousands of young people concentrated in Lisbon in defense of the Planet

Thousands of young people gathered today in the Marquês de Pombal square in Lisbon to take part in the student climactic strike that takes place in more than 100 countries.

The protest in Lisbon is carried out by people of all ages: students from elementary to higher education, children accompanied by parents and adults and destined for the Assembly of the Republic.

“It is our responsibility to be here because we are also the ones who have to change the planet because it is in him that we will live in the future,” said Beatriz, who arrived by subway with her classmates from the school.

Thousands of young people from over a hundred countries, including some 50 localities in Portugal, are on strike today to protest against governments’ inaction on climate change.

The protest, the second of this year, serves to alert governments to the need to take concrete steps to limit greenhouse gas emissions, which, according to scientists around the world, are causing dramatic, serious and in the Earth’s climate.

After a strike identical to March 15, today’s one has the support of adults, teachers, environmental organizations and anonymous citizens.

Youth actions are planned in more than 1,600 cities in 119 countries and in Portugal demonstrations are to be held in at least 48 locations throughout the country.

The student climate strike is inspired by Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, 16, who last year launched a boycott of classes to demand urgent action from the Swedish parliament to halt climate change, a protest that has quickly replicated worldwide.

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