Threatened marine species recreated by small artists

Until June 11, Oeiras Parque presents “Mar Vivo”, an exhibition that reflects both the beauty and the fragility of our seas.

In partnership with the Portuguese Navy, through the Vasco da Gama Aquarium, and the Municipality of Oeiras, the exhibition aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the marine ecosystem and adopting more sustainable behavior to guarantee the future of the planet.

Located on the 2nd floor of the mall, the eight creative pieces featured in this exhibition were inspired by vulnerable marine species and were developed using recyclable waste, by 4th grade students from the municipality of Oeiras. Carefully selected by the Vasco da Gama Aquarium, and produced by small artists, the stars of this show are the following species:

  • In danger of extinction: Monk seal, Shortfin mako shark and Curve ray.
  • Vulnerable: Loggerhead and Grouper.
  • Near Threatened: Swordfish.
  • Least concern: Pygmy sperm whale and Common octopus.

In the months prior to the show, the participating classes studied the importance of preserving the seas and their biodiversity, with the support of biologist Marco Frade Ferreira from Aquário Vasco da Gama. Now, they have the opportunity to share part of the knowledge acquired with all visitors to the mall, in a playful and informative way.

In addition, visitors can also experience an interactive space, on the 1st floor, where it is possible to virtually interact with an ocean, and “dive” in the depths of the sea. Through an interactive screen, visitors can make the experience more dynamic, seeing their drawings displayed in this virtual aquarium, along with several marine species of the Portuguese Coast. In this space, you can also see a fishing net, caught on the high seas by the Portuguese Navy, which often finds and removes these threats to the species from the sea.

With a focus on protecting the environment, Oeiras Parque has carried out several initiatives that combine art and sustainability. In this sense, the materials used in the assembly of this initiative, such as the information totems and structures limiting the exhibition, were reused from previous actions that Oeiras Parque developed, namely the Health Fair, which took place in April.

The “Mar Vivo” exhibition is yet another example of how to effectively involve and encourage the local community, for a more sustainable future. It is a unique opportunity for families to have fun and learn together about the marine ecosystem and the importance of preserving the environment.

Open to all ages, this exhibition can be visited every day from 10 am to 11 pm. The hours of the interactive space are from Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 20:00 and, on weekends, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 20:00.

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