Three Portuguese films win Évora Short Film Festival

Four films, three of them Portuguese and one Polish, were the winners of the 16th edition of the Évora International Short Film Festival (FIKE), in the various categories under competition, the organization said today.

Ocertame, promoted by Joaquim António d’Aguiar (SOIR) and the Portuguese Chamber of Evora, started on the 7th and ended on Sunday.

The award in the category of ‘Documentary’ was awarded to ‘History of Wolves’ by Agnes Meng, and the ‘Animation’ was won by the short film ‘Entre Sombras’ by Mónica Santos and Alice Guimarães.

“Documentary and Portuguese cinema is reinforced in this edition of FIKE with three competing categories to be captured by ‘documentary films’,” said the organization.

From the list of awards awarded by the jury, the only foreign project awarded was the Polish short film ‘I’ve Got Something For You Too’, by Iwo Kondefer, which won the ‘Fiction’ category.

The 16th FIKE took independent and author cinema to the streets of the city, as it took place in an open-air space in Praça 1º de Maio, next to the market, in the historic center.

According to promoters, this year FIKE has received its competitive edge ‘three hundred films’ from all over the world, in the fiction, documentary and animation categories, but’ only 40 ‘have been qualified for’ the official selection in competition. ‘.

The films screened portrayed ‘a social questioning across the world’, with ‘many’ of them recognizing the world’s Africanness, showing realities and fictions from territories as diverse as Colombia or Australia, with cinema making first that Europe decolonization of the world through art ‘.

The event, which was also part of other parallel initiatives, also featured ‘many fictions, animations and documentaries in Portuguese’, which provided ‘an opportunity to see award-winning films at European festivals and films that are absolutely open to the public,’ according to the organization. .

FIKE had the support of the Alentejo Regional Directorate of Culture, the Central Alentejo Intermunicipal Community (CIMAC) and a project that is part of the European CHEBEC program.

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