Three Portuguese have passed the ‘cut’ Open of Kenya

Portuguese golfers Ricardo Melo Gouveia, Pedro Figueiredo, and José-Filipe Lima have today secured their presence in the two decisive rounds of the Kenya Open, a test of the European circuit, registering significant increases compared to the first day of competition.

Melo Gouveia climbed 72 positions in relation to the return of Friday, now in position 23, with an aggregate of 140 strokes, equal to Pedro Figueiredo, who ‘jumped’ 31 places in the table.

Jose-Filipe Lima also passed the cut of the tournament, occupying position 55, with an aggregate of 143 strokes, having climbed 54 positions in relation to the first day.

On his return today, Melo Gouveia scored 66 strokes (five below par), having made 74 on the inaugural lap, with a card with six birdies (one below) and one bogey (one above).

Pedro Figueiredo, who closed the inaugural lap with 75 shots, concludes today with 68 strokes (three below), with five birdies and two bogeys.

After finishing the first lap with 75 strokes, José-Filipe Lima scored 68 (three below) today, with three birdies.

The tournament, whose ‘cut’ closed in the 144 strokes, is led by South African Louis De jager, who follows with an aggregate of 134 strokes.

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