Tiago Nacarato edits this Friday the new single ‘Edo’, with Cristiana Silva

This Friday, April 14th, Tiago Nacarato edits his new single together with Cristiana Silva, ‘Cedo’.

‘Cedo’ is a ballad by Tiago Nacarato sung as a duet, where the taboos and prejudices of modern relationships are addressed. “People tend to create rules or pre-definitions about how and when things should or shouldn’t happen [in a relationship], forgetting that everyone has a very personal way of living their own life and that there is no right way nor wrong to do so”, explains Nacarato.

Cristiana Silva considered herself a “product of these preconceived ideas that those who take time to like will build a more solid and stable love”, he admits. Tiago Nacarato, on the other hand, surrenders “upright” to his intuition, according to himself.

Tiago Nacarato’s new single has lyrics and music by himself and was produced by the artist from Porto with Cristiana Silva. This Friday, Early will be able to be heard on all digital platforms, accompanied by a video clip.

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