Tiago Vilhena presents “Canções Mundanas”

Plano B no Porto

Tiago Vilhena presents “Canções Mundanas”On the 4th of February, at 10:00 pm at Plano B in Porto, Tiago Vilhena will present his album Canções Mundanas in concert.

“At the next concert, dedicated to my audience, I will bring a lot of energy and rhythm to make everyone dance and have fun. I have a special affection for Porto and I am very happy to present my album in this city. In addition, we will have the company Bruno de Seda, who is a very innovative artist and it’s always a great pleasure to share the stage with him. Hope to see you there for an unforgettable night!”
Tiago Vilhena

Canções Mundanas is a set of songs that were composed and performed by Tiago Vilhena who, at the whim of the current, takes a folkloric and alternative direction revealing the personality of a singer-songwriter.

It is Tiago Vilhena’s second album under his own name, the third solo album featuring his past as George Marvinson. During the last 2 years, he took advantage of the isolation to compose all the songs he could.

With influences too varied to justify mentioning, it creates an atmosphere without a nation, even if it hints at Portuguese customs. In 8 themes, there is talk of wills, delusions, frustrations, ambitions, passions, and personalities. In these, emanating a colorful aura, the artist invites us to alleviate problems and be grateful for successes without having to become carefree for what requires dedication. Life is a construction and so is music too.

Once again, and as is common with the artist, there was a reinvention of his musical essence. Tiago Vilhena presents this time with fun, hopeful, colorful songs that make you want to dance. Rhythm is the key to the new songs and the good mood is clear and contagious.

Canções Mundanas turns out to be an album composed of songs built with attention to detail. With details and arrangements that materialize a work where the pillar is the song, the linker is the instrument and the aesthetic is emotion. The pop format is present when we listen to the album, whether, in structures, melodies, or meanings, and thus reveals a cohesive, lively, and passionate work.

Tiago Vilhena is a Portuguese musician, who lives in Lisbon and was part of projects like Savanna and George Marvinson. Today he performs under the name Tiago Vilhena and sings in his native language.

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