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TikTok is the new sponsor of Euro 2020

TikTok is the new global sponsor of Euro 2020. The aim of the agreement is to transform the app into a sharing place for fans.

According to UEFA, TikTok will be the place where fans can follow their favorite football content creators, share videos about the sport and create their own special moments, reactions or celebrations related to the competition.

To this end, TikTok is committed to launching special features, including augmented reality effects and challenges based on hashtags.

UEFA will provide TikTok with access to a historical archive from which the platform can develop content that is intended to be innovative and engaging.

Even before the competition starts, an official UEFA Euro 2020 account will be created in order to launch exclusive content from behind the scenes, for example.

The agreement also includes broadcast rights, so TikTok will have brand exposure on the live programs associated with the tournament.

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