Time For T unveils first EP single composed and recorded during quarantine

The new EP Simple Songs for Complicated Times was a spontaneous project that started in a caravan in the forest (near Lagos) during the quarantine, due to COVID 19. Initially, Time For T had thought to record a very simple EP with only voice and guitar but he ended up asking the other members of the band and some friends who were in quarantine (between Geneva, Lisbon, Madrid, and Porto) to add their parts, because each one had the possibility to record at home.

This project, initially solitary, quickly became a collective work at a distance. With technology at their disposal, they managed to create this EP and learn a new way of making music.

“Manteiga” is the first single and the first release entirely in Portuguese for many years by Time For T. Influenced by returning to live in Portugal, this time in Lisbon, Tiago Saga has been immersed more and more in Portuguese-speaking music, from Portugal to Cabo Verde, from Brazil to Angola. The idea behind the theme is that situation where we all find ourselves, when we have no time or energy to do everything we want. When we feel suffocated.

The solution, in the case of Tiago, is to try to express what is on his mind, to feel comfortable with what he can and cannot achieve.

The EP Simple Songs for Complicated Times will be released on August 14, 2020 through Street Mission Records. A mix of songs in Portuguese, English and Spanish, recorded a little everywhere.

The project that started in Brighton with the singer Tiago Saga, was joined by Joshua Taylor, Felipe Bastos and Juan Toran. After three EPs released, September 2017 brought the first Time for T feature, ‘Hoping Something Anything’, which has already taken its feet off the ground at several national and international festivals such as Green Man, NOS Alive, Super Bock Super Rock and the Secret Garden Party.

The album was presented on BBC Radio 1 and 6 (United Kingdom), on Antena 3 (Portugal) and Deutschland Radio Kultur (Germany). One of his singles “Rescue Plane” reached number one on Spotify UK Viral Charts. They edited Galavanting on October 4, 2019 and are preparing to edit this new EP on August 14, 2020.


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