Timorese Transparency Portal has not been operational since late September

The Transparency Portal, an instrument of the Timorese Ministry of Finance that allows monitoring, in real time, the expenses and revenues of the State, has not been functioning since the end of September when the budget for this year was approved.

“We are trying to reconcile all the data and verify in the database. We want to validate all the data and hope to have the portal open again next week,” told the head of the Integrated Financial Information and Management System Unit (USIIGF) of the Ministry of Finance, Joanico Pinto.

The Timorese official had anticipated that the service – essential to monitor the execution of public accounts – could be operating this week, after complications resulting from the complex budgetary situation of the country.

In the page of the Transparency Portal, you can read the following message: “Service is temporarily unavailable The Budget Transparency Portal is in maintenance work, we will be back online very soon Thanks for your understanding”.

The head of the USIIGF confirmed that the entire state’s payment system is “functioning at 100%,” after difficulties in processing payments in recent weeks by several divisions of ministries and some institutions of the Timorese public system.

This problem, which conditioned the action of the State, resulted from the reconciliation that was necessary to apply between the data referring to the General State Budget of 2018, which only began to apply as of this month and the data of income and expenses applied, under the regime duodecimal, from January 1 to September 30.

A difficult process because it also forced to adjust the budget categories according to the organic of the VIII Constitutional Government, in office for four months.

By the end of September, when the twelfth regime was still in force, the Government had only made $ 553.74 million out of the $ 965.89 million budgeted (in the table of twelfths).

The General State Budget for 2018, which began in October, amounts to 1,279 million dollars (about 1,100 million euros) and includes all State January and December 31, 2018.

In practice, this implies that by the end of September the State had executed only 43.7%.

The Government expects to be able to execute around 700 million dollars in the last quarter of the year.

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