Tivoli reOpens full of music and humor with César Mourão

After another confinement due to the pandemic, the Tivoli BBVA could not have chosen a better reopening, César Mourão made the audience laugh, sing a full theatre that enthusiastically applauded him.

Portuguese actor César Mourão, known for his collaborations with Herman José on the Hora H program and for the comic characters he played on the Fátima program. On stage, he is an integral part of the Comedia à la Carte group with Carlos Cunha and Ricardo Peres and in the cinema where he was part of the cast of films based on the Portuguese classics “O Pátio das Cantigas” and “A Canção de Lisboa” where he sang with Luana Martau sang the song “Seja Amor“.

A multifaceted artist who, in addition to acting, plays the saxophone, piano and guitar, performs illusionism and juggles and of course sings.

With many appearances on television, he collaborated in several SIC programs such as “Companhia das Manhãs“, “Fátima” and “Boa Tarde“, in the company of Eduardo Madeira, collaborated in “10 Milhões e Picos” and presented the talk show “Para Something Completely INdifrente “at SIC Radical.

With a full career, which includes the “Gosto Disto” program that he presented with Andreia Rodrigues at SIC, the “Vale Tudo” program and “Cante se Puder” also with Andreia Rodrigues at SIC. He participated in the SIC series “Sal” together with Rui Unas, João Manzarra, Pedro Plácido and Salvador Martinha. He presented a program of his own called “D’Improviso“, “Terra Nossa” and “Lip Sync Portugal” with João Manzarra.

In César MourãoCantado ninguém acredita, a show created in 2013, which serves to explain to the “public” the problems of being a singer in Portugal, the main one being singing, in Portuguese.

César explains with great humour the reason why one of his idols, Sting, was successful in the world of music, being English and singing in English, something that if he had been born in Portugal, he would have a very different sound.

Singing “Fragile” by the English singer, but making an interpretation with the accent and musical style of several regions of the country, it turns from Minho, fado singer of Coimbra and Lisbon, cante Alentejano and ends in the Algarve style, and there were many laughs that the Tivoli public failed to contain.

Another aspect of singers with disabilities, which according to the humorist, makes the public more concerned with the fact that the artist may fall on stage than in listening to the music, citing several examples, in a show always accompanied by a lot of humour, such as César Mourão so well knows how to create and excellent songs that the audience sang and followed with clapping hands.

The show also included songs that accompanied him in his life, such as Lenine, Caetano Veloso, António Variações and Rui Veloso, who was present at the Tivoli BBVA to watch this show of humor, good mood and with a lot of music and excellent musicians who accompanied César Mourão.

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