Today starts the 43rd Festa do Avante!

PCP Secretary-General Jerónimo de Sousa opens today the Festa do Avante!, the communist ‘rentrée’, which extends over three days, with a cultural program that includes musical performances on 10 stages in Atalaia, Seixal.

The opening of the 43rd edition of the Avante! It is scheduled for 19:00, with an intervention by Jerónimo de Sousa at the Central Pavilion, with the traditional concert of classical music being performed on the 25th of April, at 22:00, this year by the Lisbon Sinfonietta Orchestra, conducted by conductor Vasco Pearce de Azevedo, with the theme “From Romanticism to Modernism”.

One month from the legislative elections of October 6, the event that marks the communist ‘rentrée’ includes music on the 10 stages distributed by Quinta do Cabo, as well as cinema, theater, children’s and sports programming, and half a hundred debates.

The communist party, which eliminates cutlery and disposable plastic plates, has its high political moment at the Sunday rally, with the leader, Jerónimo de Sousa, Alma Rivera, of the Communist Youth, and Manuel Rodrigues, director of the Avante!.

The Moonspell concert with Paulo Bragança, the Clan, with Samuel Úria, Blind Zero, Bonga, ThE SPiLL, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio and Mafalda Veiga, with Ana Bacalhau, are some musical highlights of the event.

The cultural program of Festa do Avante! It also includes artists such as Anarchicks, Cais Sodré Funk Connection, Roda Songs, Celina da Piedade with João Gil, César Cardoso Quarteto with Julian Arguelles, Expensive Soul and Fast Eddie Nelson, Joana Amendoeira and Pedro Moutinho.

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