Today Super Cup is played in the Infulene valley

Costa do Sol and União Desportiva do Songo, dispute in the afternoon (15 hours) of this Monday at the Machava Stadium the Super Cup Mário Coluna, which marks the official opening of the season in Mozambique.

The Super Cup Mário Esteves Coluna, is disputed by the national champion and the winner of the Mozambique Cup. The canarinhos are the national champions and hydroelectrics won the Mozambique Cup 2019.

Both teams have won the most important national football titles in the past three seasons. Costa do Sol won the Mozambique Cup in 2017, 2018, the Mozambola in 2019, and União Desportiva do Songo was national champion in 2017, 2018, and last year took the Cup of Mozambique to their trophy room.

According to the statement by the Mozambican Football Federation (FMF), if the match ends in a draw within the regular time, the winner of the game must be found in the penalty shootout.

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