All TAXI hits live

Capitólio, Lisbon

Taxi is back on stage, 40 years after the iconic “Cairo“, to celebrate the successes that have marked several generations. The concert that sets the tone for this return takes place at Capitólio, in the center of Lisbon.

JUNE 2 LISBON – Capitólio

Taxi were born in Porto in 1979. Absorbing post-punk, new wave, and ska musical influences, they initially composed and performed original songs sung in English. That changed when, in February 1981, at a concert at German College in Porto, they were “discovered” by two members of Polygram. They were immediately invited to record an album, with the condition that it be sung in Portuguese.

They edited their first album in 1981, a self-titled record that would become the first gold album in Portuguese rock. In 1982 they released “Cairo”, also a gold record, whose tin cover quickly became a cult object. The band has recorded, to date, five original albums, with such famous themes as “Chiclete”, “TV WC”, “TAXI”, “Vida de Cão”, “Lei da Selva”, “Rosete”, “Cairo”, “Fio da Navalha” or “Sozinho”, among many others that are part of the imagination of thousands and thousands of Portuguese and that will certainly not be missing on the 2nd of June.

Who will be responsible for the opening performance is the musician Gohu, the alter-ego of the world-renowned publicist Hugo Veiga. He debuted in 2020 with the impactful single “Vai Ficar Fixe”, which he followed up with the albums “Terra da Faina” (2020) and “Imbassaí” (2022). He recently returned with the single “Nortada”, and is now making his debut in Portugal.

Tickets for this concert, which promises to be unforgettable, are already on sale, initially at €30. Taxi has several other dates scheduled, which will be announced soon.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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