Tomar: Gastronomy

The slices of Tomar are a typical sweet of Tomar originating in the Convent of Christ. Second, to the legend, the slices of Tomar were the favorite sweet of the nuns of the Convent of Christ.

The slices are cooked in a specific pan invented in Tomar

This regional candy is made with two egg yolks whipped and boiled in a water bath. Once cooked, the cake is unmolded and sliced. The slices are then placed in a sugar syrup.

Mouchão is a refreshing drink invented by Francisco Gonçalves Vigária, who died in 2010.

Francisco Vigário was for many years the only one to know how to make this drink, having passed the prescription to his son a few years before his death.

The mouchão can be found in cafes, restaurants, associations, and pastries.

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