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Tomoro – Japanese Live Music

Tomoro is a Japanese duo from Tokyo, formed in 2004, consisting of Tetsuro Naito (percussionist) and Tomoko Takeda (flutist), true interpreters of traditional Japanese music, merging with contemporary Western music, in particular, European music.

His music features a unique and original feature, through the drum and flute, traditional Japanese instruments, based on the music of “Edo-bayashi” *. They choose to keep a style as simple as possible, – one musician for each instrument – namely the Japanese drum and Shinobue (traditional Japanese flute), so that the viewers can appreciate the pure and authentic timbre of the instruments. They are able to develop delicate and dynamic performances, properly using various types of Japanese drums, from big to small, and some different types of flutes, according to the music itself.
The song “Edo-bayashi” is a style of music originally improvised, thus making it possible to adjust to the occasion, changing its melody according to the places and environments where it can be presented. By this characteristic, the musicians easily act with other instrumentalists and artists of diverse musical sorts.

Tetsuro Naito: After having belonged to the world-renowned Japanese drum group “Kodo”, he began his musical career as a percussionist solo. It represents, with the traditional instrument of Japan, Taiko (drum), the music of the Tomoro, collaborating also with several musicians.

Tomoko Takeda: He began to learn traditional Japan flute and drum since he was a child. He is part of this duo as a flute player, Fue, a traditional Japanese instrument, also collaborating with several musicians.

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