Tourism and real estate may substantially boost the Portugal brand

The 1st edition of the International Conference will take place on November 29th – in Ajuda – Estufa Real

As we take advantage of this opportunity, creating a more sustainable competitive market, at a time when Portugal is one of the most attractive international destinations and perceive how they perceive us and what adjustments we must make to consolidate the model, is the objective of this conference.

The International Conference “Global Brands, tourist destinations and real estate … how to make the most of this relationship?” Organized by ESSENTIA, a consulting and project management company in the areas of Urban Rehabilitation, Niche Real Estate, Hospitality and Tourism Sustainable, as well as in the Territory and Cultural and Leisure Networks, will bring recognized national and international players, who intend to debate the growth of tourism, construction and real estate, and no less relevant, the discovery of the capacity of national brands, whether they are industries, services or even linked to sport, as driving forces and enhancers of this new dynamic.

 Among the present speakers we highlight:

Georg Klusak, Co-founder and Managing Director of Institutional Investment Partners: “Tourism and real estate could substantially boost the Portugal brand. However, this will depend on the type of tourism that develops. It will be necessary to emphasize factors such as culture and modernism to boost the brand “.

Nuno Galvão Pinto, Vice President of Development and Acquisitions of the Hyatt group for the regions of Europe and North Africa: “Portugal is today an appealing destination that can aspire to a position of great relevance in the global context. Its increasing notoriety combined with climate, gastronomy, cultural diversity, geographic location and way of receiving is the ‘condiments’ of a unique and differentiating experience. Portugal is very attractive within this strategy of expansion and allows to create hotels that offer a differentiated product, of quality and exclusive experiences to our clients “.

Vera Gouveia Barros, Economist and author of “Tourism in Portugal”, where she states: “Portugal’s tourist destination is in fashion. As a result of a successful promotion strategy, the country has been the subject of articles and won several awards. Almost a year ago, their choice as the Best Tourist Destination in the World, in the so-called Tourism Awards, was a crowning achievement of this good moment that the sector lives on. But by attracting tourists, Portugal also wins potential residents and future investors.

The Conference will take place on 29 November at the Estufa Real, Ajuda, Lisbon, from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

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