Tourism Association of Porto launches two platforms for tourism

The Porto Tourism Association will launch two new platforms on the Internet this year to leverage business and leisure tourism.

We are preparing a very significant change in communication with two new distinct platforms for two distinct publics. The first will be launched this March, it is linked to business tourism and has to do with the attraction of corporate and corporate events and congresses for the region, “said Rui Pedro Gonçalves, executive director of the Tourism Association of Porto (ATP).

In an interview about the strategy of ATP for the external promotion of the North of Portugal in the triennium 2019-2021, and with 6.2 million euros, Rui Pedro Gonçalves, said that one of the stakes is communication abroad through the Internet.

The first platform on the Internet is to launch this month of March and the goal is to “leverage business tourism to capture events and congresses for the region” and put the northern territory “on the radar” of tour operators.

According to Rui Pedro Gonçalves, the region begins to have “some equipment with superior capabilities to try to find niches of business tourism, such as the” Crystal Palace in Porto that will open soon, Braga Forum that opened in 2018, Europarque, but also the Palace of the Bourse or the Customs of Porto.

“In this sense, there will be a communication platform for the specific segment of business tourism in which any organization that organizes sporting and associative events have in this platform all the facilities that the region can offer in a very easy way and can perceive that supports if they can help”.

In order to help attract more business tourism, there will be a specific team that will walk through “Europe outside to make a promotion group with large companies and large organizations, showing that the North region has the necessary capacity to bring some events with dimension.

“Business tourism generates the event, but it also generates a set of profitability for the region, be it for hotels, for restaurants, or for all commerce”, observes the executive director of ATP, noting that it is I need to be aware of the “new trend of tourists marking and scheduling their own travels and visits on the Internet and Web platforms”.

In the second half of this year, ATP plans to launch a second platform aimed at leisure tourism.

The purpose is to transmit to the tourist who wants to come to the North a kind of menu or itineraries with everything that exists in the region on a particular type of tourism, whether of nature, cultural, gastronomic or otherwise.

With the new platform, the tourist will quickly be able to know where they can surf along the Portuguese coast, and know what programs exist or what are the best moments in the region for surfing.

In this same platform there will be a presentation of the region in the most diverse dimensions of its interest so that the tourist can program, right from the start, all his itinerary even acquiring his experiences in the territory, as happens, for example, in London (United Kingdom ), concluded Rui Pedro Gonçalves.

ATP will receive 6.2 million euros for external tourist promotion between 2019-2021, with an annual value of 2,097 million euros, a figure that represents an increase of 38% over the previous three years.

The ATP will also position itself in the promotion together of the US, Canada, and Brazil markets, but also in the Asian market in general, without forgetting Europe, said Rui Pedro Gonçalves.

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