Tourism. Digital platform to promote Douro Internacional as destination

The Duero/Douro Group intends that the Arribas do Douro Internacional be a tourist destination of excellence and for this purpose, a digital cross-border platform is being developed to promote tourism and the heritage of this territory.

Terraduero is a cooperation project that brings together a large number of local entities from Spain and Portugal to promote mass tourism in Arrifas del Douro.

“The cultural and natural wealth of transboundary territory needs to be valued, recognized, recognized and above all preserved. Our main objective is to position the Portuguese-Spanish border as a strong tourist destination at the international level”, explained the Director General of the European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) Duero / Douro, José Luís Pascual.

According to those responsible for the promoter entity, which is the EGTC-Duero / Douro, the dissemination of all the activities of the territory will be driven by a central Iberian reserve that is in the stage of implementation and that allows visitors to recognize the region with a modern tourism destination.

“Tourists from major European cities who wish to visit this region of excellence through this platform can do so in an organized way and put in value our possibilities of visit ranging from gastronomy, wines, nature, sports nautical activities and outdoor activities, “explained the EGTC official.

Terraduero brings together entities from the Portuguese areas of Trás-os-Montes, Douro, Beira Interior Norte and the Spanish provinces of Salamanca and Zamora, among municipalities, higher education institutions, companies, cooperatives, and others, covering a territory of 120 thousand square kilometers, of the peninsular interior.

Responsible for this cross-border project, they admit that the Terraduero Reservation Center will be operational soon, which will include all the member entities, which should exceed more than a hundred.

“Our goal is for these rural establishments to have a secure online channel that reaches a larger number of customers and will give the tourist a safe and direct access to the territory and make simple planning, effective and low cost, “he said.

One of the bets of this project, among others, is turned to autocaravanismo, since those responsible for the Iberian project believe that this tourist modality can help to bring and fix people for more than a week in the territory and with purchasing power.

“This is a tourist strand that at European level is gathering more fans in Portugal and Spain and we are not yet organized to be able to accommodate this type of visitors,” said José Luis Pascual.

In the municipalities of Portugal and Spain that are part of Terraduero, applications for community funds have already been submitted for the creation of motorhome parks with adequate support infrastructures.

The typical activities of the territory will be made known to visitors, as is a case of a traditional “bush” or visit to the popular festivals, but everything will have to be organized through an online platform.

The Terraduero project is financed by INTERREG Portugal and Spain.

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