Tourism of the Azores launches a digital campaign on the Google display network

Tourism of the Azores launched on November 1 a digital video campaign with the slogan ‘Experience the Azores Islands’, which will be available on the Google display network through December 31 in the North American, Canadian and German markets.

In a note released today, Tourism of the Azores explained that this campaign is directed to the “main strategic foreign markets of the Azores destination”.

The action has already reached more than 700,000 people in cities with direct air links to the region, which are being targeted by the campaign.

The results to date show that “in the United States, Azores destination is very much in demand, proving, once again, the positive number of guests and overnight stays in the Azores throughout the year 2018 of this issuing market” be noted in the note.

Other promotional actions are also being developed in the North American and German markets, “underlining the continuity in 2019 of the reinforcement of the air connections” for these markets, added Tourism of the Azores.

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