Towards the unknown! Seeking adventurers for mystery journey

You know the starting point and the final destination, everything else is a well kept secret.

The adventure travel agency, The Wanderlust, is looking for seven travelers to join an 18-day four-country expedition, where only the starting point and final destination are revealed, leaving everything in between mystery. This Asia-planned expedition is a challenge just the height of the most adventurous, of those who want to go around the globe and let luck, or chance, choose their next destination.

New Delhi, the capital of India, marks the beginning of the trip, on April 17. The arrival at the final destination will be in Lhasa, Tibet, on May 4. Regarding what happens between these two cities, the agency leaves only a few clues: it will include passage through some of the highest points on Earth, through little-explored kingdoms and sacred sites.

The main challenge of the trip is the altitude, but the level of physical exigency is adapted to all type of travelers, not being necessary to be a high competition athlete to be part of it. Travelers will be housed in hotels and inns, and will use transportation that varies between the plane and the vans to make the trips. In terms of meals, some stops are planned that do not neglect the more traditional local flavors.

Like all the other trips that The Wanderlust offers, this itinerary respects the values ​​represented by the agency: responsibility and sustainability. As such, travelers know that they can count on close contact with local cultures, respect for the environment, sustainable forms of tourism and an authentic adventure.

This unprecedented and disruptive experience marks the 4th anniversary of the agency. Miriam Augusto, founder and CEO, presents her motto: “We wanted to celebrate our four-year journey in a big way. With this proposal we want to challenge the most adventurous spirits, putting to the test the curiosity of each one, but also the ability to face the unknown. ”

To lead the same will be the professional traveler Tânia Neves, who knows the destinations as a real place. Entries are already available on The Wanderlust website and the special launch cost is € 3200.

Closer to departure date travelers will receive some preparation tips on essential items to carry in the backpack.

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