Toyota leads in the sale of electric vehicles in Portugal

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From a total of 6223 light passenger vehicles, Toyota registered, from January to December 2020, 4168 vehicles with hybrid technology in the Portuguese market.

With a strong weight in sales, vehicles electrified with “Full-Hybrid” technology represent 67% of Toyota’s total passenger car sales in Portugal in 2020.

The electrified sales champion in 2020 was the Corolla that overtook the C-HR crossover that led the way in 2019. The Corolla (on the Hatchback and Touring Sports and Sedan bodies) was the brand’s best-selling hybrid model with 1548 units in 2020, about 91% of Corolla customers opt for the hybrid version.

With more than 20 years of experience, Toyota will continue its path of electrification by increasing the wide range of hybrid models and responding to the major challenges of the next electrification journey, with the introduction, this year and next, of another plug-in hybrid SUV model and a battery-powered electric model and a hydrogen-electric model (2nd generation Mirai) that uses a fuel cell (Fuel Cell).

There are more than 15 million hybrids sold with Toyota technology, which is equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 120 million tons worldwide. Since the start of sales of the Prius in Europe in 2000, the brand has been increasing the percentage of sales of electrified models in the old continent.

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