Trabalhadores do Comércio at Casino Estoril

September 21st

The Black and Silver Room at Casino Estoril will host, on the 21st of September, at 9:30 pm, the return to the national stages of the mythical Porto band Trabalhadores do Comércio.

Considered one of the bands that marked Portuguese rock in the eighties, Trabalhadores do Comércio was founded by musicians Sérgio Castro and Álvaro Azevedo. Later he joined the band João Luís Médicis, with the curious fact that when the group started he was only 7 years old.

The Trabalhadores do Comércio distinguished themselves, from the outset, with their “irreverent” lyrics and northern accent with hits such as, for example, “Chamem a Polícia”, “Taquetinho ou levas no focinho”, “De Manhã Eu Bou Ó Pom”.

After the dystopian interregnum suffered by Culture, and by Music in particular, Trabalhadores do Comércio concluded that it was time to once again infect the mace with their good humor and irreverence, in the way they know best and can do.

In order to avoid the anti-utopia predicted by the ruling elites, they traveled with “weapons & luggage” even further to the North, to the paradise of the estuaries and, in the lands of “our Galician brothers”, they began working on what will be their next work to be published.

The Objecto (read Objequeto) began to take shape in the last weeks of 2022 and, with the fun on the carpet, the songs flowed, all played in live sessions, as if they were concerts in full confinement.

In this way, and to fulfill what was promised, the Trabalhadores do Comércio launched, on the 1st of May, a first theme (is it a single?) to “sweeten the jaws of the people” and undertake to release another single this summer and the full album, including on vinyl, but not only, during the second half of 2023.

The Salão Preto e Prata at Casino Estoril hosts, on September 21st, from 9:30 pm, The Commerce Workers. M/6. Prices: From €30 to €50.

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