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‘Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M.’ with Catarina Wallenstein to see on Vimeo

Felipe Bragança’s film ‘Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M.’ with Portuguese actress Catarina Wallenstein will be on the Vimeo platform for free

The film ‘Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M.’ (‘Bring me the Head of Carmen M.’) tells the story of Ana, a Portuguese actress in Rio de Janeiro, immerses herself in the current Brazilian political nightmare, while preparing to embody the role of the fantastic Luso-Brazilian Carmen Miranda, in a mysterious film that lies ahead.

But the colorful mythology of the Ambassador of Samba clashes with the gray present. A film that wonders about a “pan-tropical and futuristic” utopia, celebrating “cultural cannibalism” that, in the times of the dictatorship, functioned as a form of resistance

Brazilian filmmaker Felipe Bragança‘s film premiered in January last year at the Rotterdam Festival, went through several film festivals such as IndieLisboa.

‘Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M.’, by Catarina Wallenstein and Felipe Bragança, is an object that makes us reflect on the nightmare of Brazil’s change to the Bolsonaro regime. It was done on an impulse, with no means, above all to keep up with the urgency of events.

In addition to Catarina Wallenstein, as protagonist, the film also includes Higor Campagnaro, Helena Ignez, Marcos Sacramento, Lux Nègre and Luiz Alfredo Montenegro.

We didn’t even think about it. It was a reaction to all of this! This film was made mainly as a gesture to promote meetings, conversations and bring people together. We decided to open the film on the Internet, because we realized that many people had not been able to see it and we need content for people who are at home – in this thing on digital platforms I feel like we’re all seeing the same thing. The film will only be available for a few more days. happen in Bolsonaro’s election year. Anyway, a film reacting to the present! ” says Catarina Wallenstein about publishing the film on Vimeo.

Felipe Bragança and Catarina Wallenstein want to make this project part of a trilogy, the next film will still be in Brazil, but the third is expected to be in Portugal.

The film will not be forever on the Vimeo platform so enjoy and see this great work by Felipe Bragança and Catarina Wallenstein which is ‘Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M.’.


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