Transform Do not Throw Away?

What is the circular economy?
This is a process in which the use of disposable products is avoided and replaced by a new approach to a product that already exists but is not useful.

The Portuguese Consumer Protection Association, on the DECO Jovem website, dedicated to young people, says, “In practice, the circular economy is to refuse the use of single and disposable products. For example, when we use clothes that we no longer use to make clothes for cleaning, use the water to wash the vegetables to water the plants, give new life to the jars, donate products that we no longer need to others that will make good use of them.

And thus replace the traditional ‘end of life’ concept of a product with new reuse flows. And if the product cannot be transformed, it can always be recycled.

For example: “a washing machine has metal and plastic that can give rise to new products, cardboard boxes that can be transformed into new boxes or toilet paper, metal from a can of tuna that can be incorporated into a car “.

Circular economics has no limits, and it is necessary and important to think of “new consumption patterns” and “different ways of buying and using products“.
The beneficiary is the planet but also us and our portfolio.

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