Travel for regional flavors at Casino Espinho

During the month of October, it will be possible to travel for a ride on Portuguese cuisine at Casino Espinho. The themed dinners at the Baccará Restaurant, already known for promoting new gastronomic experiences, will transport visitors for flavors characteristic of Madeira, the Azores and the Central Region of Portugal.

The trip will start on Madeira Island, paying homage to its typical dishes on the 17th of October. The menu focuses on the secret of Madeiran cuisine: simple recipes but always with the freshest ingredients.

In the fish dish, the suggestion falls on the Octopus Rice in the sea-flavored púcara, and in the meat dish, it will be possible to taste a delicious Cooked in Funchal tile.

On the 27th of October, the Baccará restaurant at Casino Espinho is dedicated to one of the most appreciated delicacies of Portuguese regional cuisine: Leitão da Bairrada. Considered one of the seven wonders of Portuguese gastronomy, it is one of the most famous dishes in our country, with its succulent and perfectly seasoned meat.

The flavors of the Azores land at Casino Espinho on October 31st. The many traditional recipes of Azorean cuisine are the delight of connoisseurs of good food.

Fish and seafood are abundant in this region, as well as meat, as cows are treated with love and graze on green meadows overlooking the sea. Azorean cuisine is rich in flavors and its authenticity will be at the table at Restaurante Baccará.

With a privileged location next to the beach, Casino Espinho offers several entertainment and leisure options, and a contemporary gastronomic offer, in an elegant and relaxed environment, where all the safety conditions stipulated by the health authorities and certified by the “Clean & Safe” seal are guaranteed ”Of Turismo de Portugal.

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