Tribalistas promise “celebration” of 25 years of partnership in Portugal


The concerts in Lisbon and Porto of Tribalistas a band that joins Brazilians Marisa Monte, Arnaldo Antunes and Carlinhos Brown, promise a “celebration” of 25 years of partnership.

“For us it is a great celebration, a celebration of our meeting, of our history, of 25 years of partnership on the Tribalistas discs, but also outside of them, partnerships with us, the three of us who recorded individually but are in the concert,” Arnaldo Antunes, in an interview of the band with Lusa from Rio de Janeiro, adding that the concerts, scheduled for Sunday in Lisbon and on the 23rd in Porto, “end up telling this story in a very enlightening way.”

Marisa Monte recalled that the band is touring – the band’s first ever – for three months in Brazil, where it has performed “for very big audiences”.

“In São Paulo, there were 45 thousand people, in Rio de Janeiro there were three concerts for 12 thousand people each. On average in each city we had between 15 and 20 thousand people singing with us, in total harmony, tuned, in a great union celebration , of tolerance, of love, of peace, through music, and we hope to extend beyond the borders of Brazil the meaning of this meeting, “he shared.

Carlinhos Brown guarantees that the Portuguese public, on Sunday at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, and on the 23rd at the already exhausted Coliseu do Porto, “will see how many fados a samba is made of.”

“When we say this we are, in a way, to be witnesses and also to make people witness how we are united, of how much Portugal means for Brazilian culture. How do these influences bring us to this day and how does it have has been positive for the Portuguese language, especially for a country in Latin America, Brazil, which is the only one that speaks Portuguese, “he said.

In the second album of the band (edited in 2017), namesake, like the first one (of 2012), one of the themes, “The peixinhos” counts with the participation of the fadista Carminho.

The presence of the Portuguese singer was not yet guaranteed in the concerts, but the three of them liked “very much” that this happened.

What is guaranteed “are great hits” made three: “Many of our two albums, and many that the public may not have notion that they were composed by the trio,” said Marisa Monte, noting that when the first album came out, the three had already “ten years of partnership”.

“We already had a lot of hits in the world, then we did an album, and a lot of other hits between albums, and when we went to do a survey of the repertoire for the concerts, we said that we have 56 trio songs already recorded, not counting the unpublished ones, “he said.

Although the three are “artists with solid, individual careers,” when they are together they are “another artist: the Tribalistas.”

“Inside we have a union, a very great cohesion, and at the same time we have our individualities preserved therein in the sum, it is an interesting and beautiful thing to see,” said Marisa Monte.

This cohesion is notorious in the repertoire of the group. “It’s incredible how the repertoire of the first album and the one of the second one fit, it has a cohesion and a sound of its own,” said Arnaldo Antunes.

It will be this repertoire that will tell “in an enlightening and very representative way” the history of the group to the public.

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