Tribute of Techno in Lisbon sells out in the first edition

3,500 people attended the first edition of the festival

The first edition of Tribute of Techno took place on Saturday, March 4th, at Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, and had a grand opening where 3,500 people gathered to celebrate the same passion, Techno, together with some of the greatest exponents of the genre, achieving the famous – SOLD OUT!

The doors opened at 9:00 pm with a legion of fans entering the venue to delight themselves into the night with the beats of the purest and most genuine Techno. The party started at 10 pm and ended at 6 am the next day at 8 am nonstop, where Techno took over the center of Lisbon. From the start, the public’s energy was palpitating and it was felt that the Carlos Lopes Pavilion was overflowing with emotions throughout the venue, from the general area, through to the VIP area, it was impossible not to see the wide smiles of electronic music lovers looking forward to what promised to be “The night” to remember.

The lineup started with DJ and producer Valter who was in charge of opening the hosts on a stage that was prepared for an artist who showed how to deal with an audience that enthusiastically offered his set with a strong fusion of Tech House and Techno.

On the poster followed, Sandro Martins from Lisbon, who presented a techno set that rocked the venue, and the public in unison celebrated his performance of another level over the course of 45 minutes. I’Rahael was the third artist to enter the scene with attitude and full of energy, the experience, and inexhaustible musical energy stood out, passing the testimony to Miss Sheila who had her appearance on stage shortly after midnight, proving once again because it is number 1 in Portugal, taking its sound to the stratosphere with the usual class and mastery.

Carlos Manaça was received with his arms in the air by the thousands who were already waiting for him at the Carlos Lopes Pavilion to consolidate the expert producer and DJ who treated Techno for you and prepared a sublime entrance for the first international artist of the night. Sam Paganini won over techno lovers right after the first beats of his performance and reinforced what was expected of the Italian maestro: total commitment. For 1 hour and 45 minutes, he provided a masterful set where his knowledge in the art of mixing and the wisdom of someone who takes the audience in the intended direction – a wave of movements and emotions where everyone, without exception, gets involved and lets themselves be carried away as if it was magic.

With a full house, Producer DU/ART was received, by fans and followers who were ecstatic with his great charisma and even more unique technique that made them vibrate with his exquisite interpretation of the sounds of Techno Groovy. The great ambassador of the worldwide Techno scene, Fernanda Martins, started at five in the morning and closed the event with a golden key, her sound so characteristic that her incredible performance of faster rhythms, reaching HARD TECHNO, made the producer receive the throughout its entire set, the audience in attendance raved about it.

An unbeatable edition and announcing sold-out tickets, Tribute of Techno thanks the public for being part of its first chapter, inviting Techno music lovers not to miss its second celebration, which will be announced very soon, to share the same taste for music and present the contemporary development in the electronic scene in Portugal.

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