Tribute to José Mário Branco at Casino Estoril

Tribute Concert to José Mário Branco at the Estoril Casino’s Black and Silver Room

A Tribute to José Mário Branco took place in the Black and Silver Room of Casino Estoril, on February 26, 2020, organized by Re-food Cascais.

Several artists contributed to help this cause and pay their tribute to the Portuguese artist José Mário Branco.

José Mário Branco who was inventive, recreational who said that “music was his lover who never made the marriage“.

Diogo Branco started the Tribute with a text about the night to be celebrated, written by his father Pedro Branco, where he states that “José Mário Branco does not belong to anyone belonging to the World“.

Honoring José Mário Branco were Rogério Charraz, Fernando Pereira, Mafalda Arnauth, Maria Ana Bobone, Diana Castro, Diogo Branco, Edu Mundo, Júlio Resende, Kátia Guerreiro, Mafalda Sacchetti and Olavo Bilac and musicians André Ramos, Carlos Lopes, Ciro Bertini , Edu Miranda, Luís Roquette, Nuno zoliveira, Paulo Loureiro and Pedro Castro.

During the break, the public was invited to visit the exhibition of works of art, and to contribute to their purchase for Re-food Cascais.

Re-food Cascais is an institution that was born in September 2015.

The institution lives on the help of numerous volunteers, who give their time and contribution to improve the lives of many needy families in that municipality.

It is the mission of Re-food to ‘fight’ against food waste and end hunger.

Check out the gallery:

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