Tributo Carlos do Carmo

Lounge D no Casino Estoril

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In a night dedicated to Portuguese music, Miguel Rebelo sings Carlos do Carmo in Lounge D at Casino Estoril. Tribute Carlos do Carmo, an unmissable show is scheduled for October 23, at 10 pm. Admission is free.

This Tribute is the result of the deep respect and admiration that Miguel Rebelo has had, since childhood, for Carlos do Carmo and for his work. Since he was very young, he has attended countless shows of this greatest name in Fado and, soon, he identified himself, either with the sound or with the innovative side with which Carlos do Carmo has always sought to Dignify and Elevate Fado.

The care with words, with the choice of poets, with diction, composers, new harmonies, the inclusion of new instruments, musicians from various areas (from Classical to Jazz), etc., are some of the factors that ended up having a natural influence on Miguel Rebelo and that are reflected, therefore, in his records and compositions.

If, in females, Amália Rodrigues was the one who best represented Fado and took it to the four corners of the world – has been, as is known, the target of numerous Tributes -, in males, it was Carlos do Carmo… and for Miguel Rebelo will therefore be an honour to be one of the pioneers to honour his great reference.

Four elements make up this Tribute: Miguel Rebelo (vocals and viola), who will be accompanied by Hugo Edgar (Portuguese guitar), Diogo Sotto-Mayor (keys and bass) and Jaume Pradas (percussion) and will sing timeless fados, such as the “Canoas do Tejo”, “Lisboa, Menina e Moça”, “Os Putos”, “O Homem das Castanhas”, “Por Morrer uma Andorinha”, “Bairro Alto”, among others – not forgetting beautiful songs, such as “Estrela da Tarde“.

Casino Estoril was distinguished with the “Clean & Safe” certificate from Turismo de Portugal and adhered to the COVID OUT service, Seal of Trust, Clean Surfaces Safe Places, issued by ISQ.

Casino Estoril opens at 15:00 and closes at 03:00. Access is free, and from 10 pm onwards, it is for people over 14 years old and over 10 years old accompanied by their parents. In the Game areas, it is for people over 18 years old.

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