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Trilogia das Sombras by Mano a Mano

Centro Cultural Belém

  • Belém Cultural Center
  • CCB . February 17th. Saturday. 9pm. Small Auditorium

Art sheet

  • Madeiran guitar and chordophones Bruno Santos
  • Madeiran guitar and chordophones André Santos
  • Movement Tiago Martin

Lourdes Castro’s work is the embryo and starting point for the new Mano a Mano show, with a set designed by Ponto Atelier and a 3rd element, Tiago Martins, who behind a screen and inspired by Lourdes Shadow Theater Castro, moves and interacts with the music of the brothers.


Born in Funchal, in 1986, he began to take his first steps in music by imitating his older brother, also a guitarist, Bruno Santos. Precious tips from the older brother encouraged self-teaching and searching for and listening to records, ranging from Rage Against the Machine, João Gilberto or Thelonious Monk.

This broad taste and curiosity shaped André Santos’ musical personality, making him a versatile guitarist, who ranges between Jazz and Rock, traditional Madeiran music and MPB, playing various guitars and chordophones. Known for his timbre and exploration of different sound textures, André Santos has participated in several projects, concerts and recordings with musicians such as Carlos Bica, Maria João, Joana Espadinha, Teresa Salgueiro, Salvador Sobral, António Zambujo, Júlio Resende, Demian Cabaud, Gonçalo Marques, André Matos, Marco Franco, Cristina Branco, Carminho or Ana Moura.

As a leader, his albums ‘Ponto de Partida’ (2013), ‘Vitamina D’ (2016) and ‘Embalo’ (2022) and the project Mano a Mano, with his brother Bruno Santos, have already released four albums. As musical director, the Mutrama project (2018) stands out, in which he revisits traditional Madeiran music based on collections made by the Xarabanda Association, thus continuing his master’s thesis on traditional Madeiran chordophones (Conservatorium van Amsterdam).

Following the Madeiran tradition, he also provided the musical direction for the ‘Recordar Max’ project, at the invitation of António Zambujo. He also directed the project ‘Um Só Dia’, a tribute to Manuel Alegre, by Joana Alegre, which featured the participation of Camané, Cristina Branco, Jorge Palma, Ana Bacalhau, AGIR, Maria Ana Bobone, among others. With all these projects, and many others, he has worked all over the world: Mexico, Macau, Cape Verde, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Germany, Spain, Uruguay, Serbia, Montenegro or Angola.


Born in Funchal, in 1976, he began his musical journey at the age of 15, self-taught. He founded, together with 2 childhood friends, the rock band Quarto Quadrante. He began his musical studies at the age of 17, still living in Madeira, at the Funchal Conservatory, with Humberto Fournier.

Two years later he attended the Faro Conservatory and took classes with double bassist Zé Eduardo, founder of the Hot Clube de Portugal school, which he joined in 1998. There he studied with Mário Delgado, João Moreira, Pedro Moreira, and Bernardo Moreira, among others. In 2000 he began teaching at the HCP School, assuming pedagogical direction between 2009 and 2022; in 2001 at the Barreiro Jazz School and on the jazz course at the Madeira Conservatory. Between 2009 and 2018 he taught at the jazz degree and master’s degree courses at ESML (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa).

In 2014 he was awarded the title of “specialist” in the field of jazz, by ESML. He released 4 albums under his name, another 3 as composer/arranger for 7to of Hot Clube de Portugal and 4 in partnership with his brother, André Santos, in the duo Mano a Mano. He has also performed as a duo with singer/songwriter Rita Redshoes and has participated in dozens of albums as a “sideman”.

In January 2021, the “Contraconto” section debuted in podcast format, on Antena 2, and in December of that year, the show format, together with Eva Barros and Catarina Sobral. In 2022 the weekly section “live and with strings” premiered, also on Antena 2, with several guests such as Afonso Pais, Mário Laginha, Carlos Barretto, Mário Delgado, Nelson Cascais, Bernardo Moreira, Zé Peixoto, Filipe Melo, among many others.

In addition to regular contact with national musicians, he has also performed with some foreign musicians such as Donald Harrison, Herb Geller, Julien Arguelles, Paulinho Braga, Jesse Davis, Peter Bernstein, Omer Avital, Benny Golson, John Ellis, Seamus Blake, Guillermo Klein, Miguel Zénon, Jerry Gonzalez. Tiago Martins Very early on he immersed himself in studies of visual arts, theatre and dance.

He graduated in Painting and developed a career as an interpreter, dancer and new circus performer all over the world where he lives and sculpts his creativity and practice. Student of several languages dedicated to Movement – the body in its entirety – Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey, Gaga, Wanderkeybus, Zambrano among many others. He studies and observes the body as a vehicle of functionality, intellect and artistic expression. Organizer of several international events within Movement Culture. Co-founder of Movement Lisboa, teacher and educator.

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