“Triple S”, J Balvin’s collaboration with

Jowell y Randy and De La Ghetto that takes us back to times gone by

The artist announces his European tour “Que Bueno Volver a Verte Tour”.

J Balvin, the iconic Colombian artist and global music reference, is excited for the upcoming release of his latest single titled “Triple S”. This song, whose acronym means “Suelta, Soltera y Sin nadie que la joda”, is an anthem of self-confidence for women, conveying a message of strength and resilience.

For J Balvin, “Triple S” represents a return to his roots, as he once again collaborates with the legendary Jowell and Randy, who were instrumental in his first steps into the music industry. Furthermore, the opportunity to work with De La Ghetto, an artist he deeply admires, has been a proud and rewarding experience for the artist.

The production of “Triple S” was in charge of the talented Tainy and Subelo Neo, who created a fresh sound, which rescues the classic reggaeton DNA of Balvin’s first singles.

J Balvin

Addressing his fans and all the women who will listen to the song, J Balvin conveys a message of empowerment and self-confidence, reminding them that they are masters of their own destinies.

“Triple S is not a love story, it’s the story of the kind of woman we’ve all wanted at one time or another”, he reflects “The sound was perfect for Jowelly Randy and De la Guetto to give it that texture with the classic flow of reggaeton”.

“Triple S” promises to be a smash hit, not only for its infectious beat but also for the powerful message of empowerment and empowerment it conveys. The single is now available on all platforms.

Balvin also excited fans around the world with the announcement of his upcoming European tour “Que Bueno Volver Ver Ver” which will take place from April 26 to June 5, 2024.

During the tour, J Balvin will take his energetic and vibrant show to countries such as Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, and Spain, in what will be a unique opportunity for European fans to discover the magic and talent of one of the most influential artists of current Latin music.

The “Que Bueno Volver a Verte Tour” tour will be an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends, with a repertoire full of hits and a high-level production that will capture the unique essence of J Balvin.

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