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  • Triskel
  • André Rosinha Trio
  • Double bass André Rosinha
  • Piano João Paulo Esteves da Silva
  • Marcos Cavaleiro Drums
  • CCB . January 13 . Saturday. 9pm. Small Auditorium

Triskel gives the name to André Rosinha’s third album. The etymology of the Greek word that still comes to us today, triskelion, is original to Celtic culture and means three legs.

The symbology linked to this term represents a rosette that, starting from a common centre, curls into a spiral with three curved lines. The movement created from the union of these traits refers to the idea of cycle, action and progress and also takes us to the balance of the three fundamental elements of Celtic culture: Earth, Water and Air; also evoking the divine interaction between Body, Mind and Soul. It is from this complementary symbolic Trinity that the trio now presents itself.

The Triskel album thus emerges as an evolution of the Árvore project, which allowed the group to get to know each other better musically and create an increasingly cohesive and consolidated language. Now advancing into new territories, the repertoire is entirely written by André Rosinha, specially designed to be performed by musicians João Paulo Esteves da Silva, on piano, Marcos Cavaleiro, on drums and, of course, by Rosinha himself on double bass.

Understanding the trio’s potential better and better, the songs were further worked on at a compositional level, preserving, however, the very important space for free improvisation. In Triskel, attention was maintained on the melody, now with more exploration of the bow on the double bass and even moments of unison between piano and strings. Some of the influences of the previous album were respected this time with greater emphasis on classical music and the lyrical aesthetics of European jazz. After the success and recognition of the previous album, it makes sense to expand and continue to develop André Rosinha Trio’s musical affinities.

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