Trofa creates a digital platform to fight school failure

The Chamber of Trofa has developed a digital platform that aims to combat school failure that covers 1,800 students from the Pre-School and the 1st Cycle, said the source of the autarchy today.

Called Trofa +, the project resulted from a partnership between the Câmara da Trofa, the Trofa and Coronado and Castro School groups and the local Federation of Parent Associations, and aims to be “a space for learning, collaboration and sharing“, refers the communiqué of the district of Porto district.

As goals, the project shows the decrease of failure and dropout, specifying the executive that “Trofa is below the national average” in these parameters.

To help children improve their school performance, foster student and family participation in the local community, enhance community cultural, social and political knowledge, and create an innovative, adaptive, dynamic and interactive student environment that stimulates and reinforces the teaching-learning process “are also objectives listed by the municipality.

The Chamber maintains that the “platform is an online and secure space” and accessible to “the whole educational community“, and the “training of educators and teachers” is already underway.

At the same time, the school is developing the “Positive Parenting” measure that aims to “assist parents in the daily chores of their children in education to improve their performance in classrooms.

This measure “consists of two types of intervention, individualized and in a group, intended not only for students but also for the family itself,” reads the communiqué from the chamber.

In the case of individualized intervention, students will have psychology accompaniment and the family will follow up with a social educator“, while in the “group intervention the students of the 1st cycle of basic education will have monthly classes of citizenship and families also have monthly thematic sessions with parents, “the press release said.

Both projects are part of a project + Trofa Project: Space for Learning, Collaboration, Sharing and Family Involvement, within the framework of the Pact for Development and Territorial Cohesion (PDCT) of the Metropolitan Area of Porto.

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