Trump with chameleon face and dollar bill wins PortoCartoon 2019

A drawing by President Donald Trump, with a chameleon-like face and a tongue made out of a dollar bill, is the cartoon by Luc Descheemarker, who today won the 1st PortoCartoon 2019 Prize.

The Belgian cartoonist caricatured Donald Trump, turning him into a chameleon, with the reptilian tongue in the shape of a dollar bill. The cartoon was in the main category of Porto’s humour festival, “Línguas e Mundo”, and the announcement of the winner was made by the organization of the initiative, at a press conference held at the Press Museum in Oporto.

This work, not only from the artistic point of view, is an exceptional work,” told Luís Humberto Marcos, director of the National Press Museum and promoter of the festival. “It shows, in fact, an innovative technique, because the artist works first on the computer and then goes painting (…), but it has a very strong, very expressive and very current reading of the content point of view. relevant in terms of reflection. It is perfectly possible to make from it many debates on the theme of language, “he explained.

According to Luís Humberto Marcos, the winning prize creates a very political vision of the relationship between power and language.

The predominance of certain languages over others depends on how politically the language policy itself is promoted,” he concludes.

In the second place of this 21st edition of PortoCartoon was the work of the Croatian Mojmir Mihatov, in which two faces are seen lying down, where each of the organs contains on the surface a half of nut, which together fit perfectly.

The third prize was for the creation of the Spanish David Vela, where one sees the drawing of an Indian in the jungle and three rolls of paper, which include the dictionaries of Spanish, English and Portuguese language.

To celebrate the 21st edition of PortoCartoon, the National Press Museum chose the figures of singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, and the Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães, who was notable for organizing the first trip of circum-navigation from 1519 to 1522, which this year marks the 500 years.

The first Bob Dylan Special Caricature Prize was won by the Brazilian Luiz Carlos Fernandes, the caricaturist and cartoonist Fernandes, winner of more than 40-lifetime awards, currently collaborating with Folha de São Paulo. Fernandes is considered one of the “great figures of the caricature world” today, explained the organizer of PortoCartoon.

The 1st Special Caricature Prize Fernão Magalhães, during the 500 years of the circumnavigation trip, went to the Portuguese Pedro Ribeiro Ferreira, who is 2018 had already won the third special prize, with a caricature of Woody Allen.

In the categories of free subject and special caricature, the jury of the contest announced several honorable mentions, in which artists from Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, Australia and Portugal stand out, as the cases of Pedro Pintos and António Santos – Santiagu, artistic name -, honorable mentions in the category of Fernão Magalhães.

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