TSUBAKI restaurants launch new menu

TSUBAKI restaurants feature their new special lunch menu, which can be enjoyed from Monday to Friday at the Turin Marquês Hotel and Turin Saldanha Hotel.

The week begins with Ramen Mondays, the traditional Japanese pasta broth dish, perfect for the coldest times of the year. Several varieties of ramen are available such as Katsu Ramen (cabbage and pork broth), Tori Ramen (cabbage and chicken broth) and a vegetarian option, Veggie Ramen (vegetable and mushroom broth).

In addition to ramen, the customer can also choose Yakisoba, either chicken or shrimp.

Regardless of the choice, the main course can be accompanied with a drink, such as classic Japanese tea, lemonade or water, and, to end the meal, a dessert and a coffee.

On the other days of the week, TSUBAKI promises to take its customers on a journey through the best flavors of fresh fish and other traditional Japanese delicacies through its Set Menu, consisting of the typical Miso Soup, 30 pieces of Sushi and Sashimi, a drink and dessert and, in the end, coffee. In this menu there is also the possibility to select extra pieces such as Sashimi, Gunkans and Nigiris.

Menu price: 16.50 €
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