“Tu Que Acreditas” is Firmino Pascoal’s latest single

Firmino Pascoal was born in Luanda. With Portuguese nationality, he has lived in Portugal since the sixties.

Singer, poet, musician, producer and artist, he went through musical projects such as Tantra, Perspectiva and Jorge Fernando on his theme “Umbadá”, and led the Lindu Mona project for 30 years with whom he edited the albums “Rosa Afra” and “Bantu”.

In his own name he edited the albums “Milongo de Amor” in 2017 and “Um Africano em Alfama” in 2019.

In the words of the artists, the new single, “Tu Que Acreditas, “brings us a new poem by Ritta Tristany and a new video clip made by Vlad Dulyansky in the same song in the hope of transforming our BEING, through belief in a more integrated human being and concerned with the lives of others, that is, more than the terrestrial scene that we currently live”.

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