Turismo do Brasil strengthens its market in the Portuguese market

As restrictions on international aviation are eased and vaccination accelerates, Brazil repositions itself in the tourism market; Ecotourism and nature are Embratur’s main bets for the sector’s recovery.

Embratur – Brazilian Agency for the International Promotion of Tourism intends to reposition Brazil among the international destinations with the greatest affluence in the sector, having defined the Portuguese market as a priority for this promotion strategy. Leveraged by the rapid advance of vaccination and the constant relief of restrictions for international tourists, Brazil invests even more in its national destinations and is committed to the recovery of a market that represented 8.1% of the country’s GDP in 2019.

Brazil is, historically, a favorite destination for Portuguese tourists – not only for its natural characteristics, but also for its relationship with more than five centuries and the Portuguese language in common denominator. Before 2020, there was a drop in demand for destinations outside Europe, a trend that was naturally accelerated by the pandemic. At a time when airflow shows clear signs of recovery, Embratur reinforces its intention to highlight Tourism in Brazil among strategic nationalities, including Portugal.

According to data compiled by Embratur in 2021, there are already a total of 562 monthly flights from Portugal to Brazil – among which 540 depart from Lisbon and 22 flights depart from Porto. The advance of the vaccination process – with 40.64% of the Brazilian population fully immunized with the two doses – and the reduction in restrictions on commercial aviation are also factors that lead Embratur to believe in the gradual recovery of the confidence of Portuguese tourists.

Carlos Brito, President da Embratur

Carlos Brito, President of Embratur, declares that “The cultural and historical link that unites us makes Portugal even more strategic from a tourist point of view. In the same way that Brazilians seek Portugal as a residential destination, we know that the Portuguese have always found Brazil a special destination, due to its geography, but also because they consider it a friendly destination, one of hospitality and comfort with the language. Portugal and Brazil are totally different destinations in terms of tourism product, but there is something that links them: both feel at home, everything is familiar. We have been actively working to make Portugal come back to Brazil, reminding the Portuguese of the reasons that make them love our country”.

Brazil is positioned as a versatile destination – with a vast territory covered by beaches, natural landscapes, cities and rural areas. In order to respond to the most recent trends in international tourism, Embratur intends to strengthen the country as a strong destination in Ecotourism and natural destinations. The strategy is in line with the forms of tourism most sought after by the Portuguese – who, above all, seek sun and beach tourism (55.6%), nature, ecotourism and adventure (20.4%), and culture (20, 8%) as the most popular options. The trend applies globally, where it appears that tourists point to natural areas and open spaces as major destinations of interest.

For 2021, Embratur intends to reinforce as trend destinations in the Northeast the cities Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Maceió, Natal, Porto Seguro and Salvador and, in the Midwest, the destinations Brasília, Alto Paraíso de Goiás and Cavalcante. In the Southeast region, the highlight will go to Angra dos Reis, Belo Horizonte, Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, while in the South region, Curitiba, Florianópolis and Foz do Iguaçu will be the main cities.

According to data from Embratur, it is estimated that 72.2% of the Portuguese visit Brazil more than once and that 93.5% of the Portuguese who visit the country for the first time intend to return. In addition, 47.7% of the Portuguese are satisfied with their experience in the country.

After developing strong campaigns aimed at domestic tourism, Embratur’s main purpose is currently to promote Brazil as a destination across borders, aiming to capture the country’s most distinctive characteristics, reinforcing the current climate of confidence, reinforced by the measures implemented and the vaccination levels already achieved.

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