Turismo Porto & Norte of Portugal

Turismo do Porto e Norte and its organic units pursue, under the legally defined terms, purposes of regional public interest, within the scope of the valorization and tourist dynamization of the Northern territorial area.

Turismo do Porto e Norte aims to actively contribute to the NUT – II Norte affirming itself as a national reference for sustainable tourism development, as well as articulating the issues of modernity and regional and local identity, offering the Region satisfaction standards in key areas. Its intervention is governed by the values ​​of rigor, transparency, professionalism, institutional cooperation and social justice.

Headquartered in Viana do Castelo, Turismo do Porto and Norte Portugal is the regional tourism entity that manages the Northern Regional Tourism Area.

To the Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal, in the scope of the mission and attributions conferred by Decree-Law nº67 / 2008, of April 10th, is responsible for the tourist valorization of the territorial area of ​​NUT II – NORTH, aiming at the sustainable use of the tourist resources, within the framework of the guidelines and guidelines of tourism policy defined by the Government and in the multi-annual plans of the Central and Local Administrations.

Portugal was born in the north. It was in the Porto and North region that the Portuguese began as a people and nation. Here we learn the value of difference but also the complementarity of cultures.

Porto, a World Heritage city, is the great gateway and can be a starting point for a trip through the region’s natural and cultural diversity. It is known for its wine from all over the world, but also from the School of Architecture, where the names of Álvaro Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura, both Pritzker Awards, came out. And yet for a heritage that knows how to combine the antiquity of churches and monuments, such as the Sé or the S. Francisco Church, with the contemporaryity of striking buildings such as the Casa da Música, the Serralves Museum and others.

The Douro River runs through the region. Enter Portugal tight between the ravines and mountains of the interior to traverse the entire World Heritage landscape where Porto and Douro wines are grown. There crosses the wine that goes to the Caves of Gaia and the cruises that visit the region.

In this region of mountains and natural parks, the heritage is spread through castles such as Guimarães, or by shrines and churches that in summer are the scene of pilgrimages. Next to rural hermitages we find the baroque of northern Portugal made of granite and gilded wood. In cities that knew how to preserve the human scale, such as Viana do Castelo, Braga, Lamego, Chaves or Vila Real, or in manor houses and manor houses, we find the most authentic Portuguese, the one who genuinely likes to receive, to share his table and the traditions. In Oporto and North of Portugal there is a natural joy and gratitude for all we have and are.

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