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Fun and dance Tutu

Teatro Tivoli BBVA

The last Tutu – Chicos de Mambo show took place yesterday at the Tivoli Theatre, irreverent, fun, an excellent afternoon spent in the company of fantastic dancers, a show for the whole family.

The company Les Chicos Mambo, which has already received several international distinctions, is responsible for this dance show, which is super fun, for all ages, and which, in addition to being excellent dancers, is very entertaining, there were many and constant laughs, during the matinee in the Lisbon room.

Tutu > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.05.21

Tutu already has more than 500 performances for more than 400,000 spectators, premiered in 2014 at the mythical Théâtre Bobino in Paris by the hands of Philippe Lafeuille, Artistic Director of the company, who signed the choreography of this show. It brings together on stage six dancers with excellent, and chameleonic techniques, who, throughout the entire show, represent more than 40 characters, challenging the classics, and even stereotypes, through humorous and poetic scenes.

The burlesque imitations of the classics “Swan Lake” and “Dirty Dancing”, combined with the feathers, ballet tutus, and exuberant costumes they perform on stage, make this show a real success.

Tutu > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.05.21

The dancers’ performance is marked by the charisma and extravagance of the artistic movements, which impress and surprise!

It ended with the public being challenged by Philippe Lafeuille also to dance, to see if they were “tutucacitated“, apparently they were, and they even have a way, the choreographer at least approved!

Tutu > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.05.21

See all the photos from the show here!

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