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What is a touring band without a disc? In the past two years, TWEN have shown how this is possible in the era of homogeneous pop made for consumption of streaming.

Born in the DIY scene in Boston and raised in Nashville, the indie rock quartet with psychedelic influences formed by Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones has been on tour constantly since their formation. Despite the strange beginning of the band, each step of TWEN appears as promising.

Contrary to the conventional industry agenda, they risked the launch of the “Twen Live” cassette in 2017: recorded at the group’s first ever concert in a basement in Boston, the 5-song EP was until 2019 the group’s only edited work.

In September 2019, TWEN debuted on the albums with “Awestruck”, recorded on tour over two years at different times and places. It won’t be surprising if you find yourself trying to sing the songs while listening to the record: they are memorable songs, although the lyrics are almost imperceptible. Fitzsimmons does it intentionally to encourage us to trust the emotions we feel when we hear each topic.

On their debut in Lisbon, they present “Awestruck” in a concert where the freedom and chaos of TWEN’s nomadic origins will be felt.

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