Two iPhone Photography Awards for Portuguese

Diogo Lage has won two awards at the iPhone Photography Awards, in the main category and in ‘Animals’, for photographs with Apple mobile phones, the organization said.

Portuguese architect, born in Valpaços, Lage won the first prize in the Photographer of the Year category, only behind the Italian Gabriella Cigliano (‘Big Sister’) who received the Grand Prize.

‘Sea Stripes’, taken on Santa Rita beach in Torres Vedras, framing several striped beach ‘tents’ and a man with a scratched suit in the centre. It can also be read in the accompanying text the distinction, “The tents set the well-organized tone of small summer villages.

But it was also for Portuguese, the first prize in the animal photography category, with ‘The Proud Peacock’, with a peacock balanced on one of the benches of the Crystal Palace Gardens.

Quoted by the organization, the photographer explained: “What made me take this photograph was the unexpected balance of the composition, which reinforces the sense of pride, belonging and charisma of this animal. In this public garden, seeing these wild birds is one of the best experiences that the animals have. people can have because they are truly garden lords“.

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